My path into the field of public health has been unconventional. Studying documentary filmmaking at the University of Michigan and making short videos for Rotary International in Guatemala and Colombia showed me how media and the arts can create social impact. From years working in the arts and filming health-related projects, I was inspired to pursue a Masters in Pubic Health at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in New Orleans.

Currently, I am exploring innovative ways to use media tools in advocating for necessary change in the field of public health. At Tulane University I craft sexual violence prevention strategies, and every Friday from 5-6 pm (Central Time), I host a talk show on 102.3 WHIV FM. My weekly radio program highlights the work of local initiatives, researchers, and activists in New Orleans, and promotes social justice within the landscape of public health. Filmmaking is still a passion of mine, and I am looking for new ways to construct educational documentaries around topics that don’t make the mainstream.

Here you will also find a portfolio of artistic endeavors I have pursued over the years, from movies and studio art to improvisational street poetry. Astroetic Studios is an art space I co-founded in Los Angeles.

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